How will I know when to pick-up at my parcel at the shop – Minco’s Kids Boutique – if opted for that option?
When your order is complete, Monica will let you know.

Is there a Minco’s Hug Me wholesale catalogue available for shops?
Not yet.

Do you do custom orders?
Yes. Please e-mail: with your specific requirements.

How long after I have ordered do I have to pay?
The articles you ordered will be reserved for 24 hours. All unpaid orders will be canceled within 24 hours if no payment is received via PayFast (our payment system).

What happens if an item is out of stock after I have placed my order?
We make every effort to ensure the integrity of our online inventory and fulfill each complete order. However, occasions may arise where an item is out of stock and we are unable to proceed with your order. Should payment have been made and Minco’s Kids Boutique cannot fulfill the order due to the item being out of stock, a full refund will be processed and no further obligation in respect of this order will exist.